Orienteering: modalities of competition


Orienteering: modalities of competition

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As all  the sports, the Orienteering has several modalities of competition. The best known and practiced modality is the conventional one: Daylight individual race. However, there are other equally interesting modalities such as the Night Orientation races. The difficulty added by the darkness of the night, is about palliating by choosing shorter routes and easier terrains without dangers. In addition, participants carry a headlamp to facilitate their progress.

The relay orienteering race. Each member of a team makes an individual tour, the final result of the team corresponds to the sum of the times of the individual tours of each of its components.

Orientation with skis. The competition is held on a snowy ground and competitors have cross country skiing equipment (Nordic).

In addition to the modalities mentioned, which correspond to those considered as official, new possibilities are emerging framed some within adventure sports and others as leisure or school activity. For example: Orienteering on other means of displacement. Especially mountain bike and also canoe.

Permanent Orienteering Tours. They are natural grounds to which it is also intended to give some sports or tourism interest, for which they are conditioned and marked with one or several Orientation circuits. In addition, maps of the area are edited, so that visitors can choose one or more routes and enjoy them in a non-competitive way, in company or alone, walking or with other means of travel.
School Orienteering. They are careers with more or less competitive component, made in the school setting (usually school). All aspects of its organization and implementation are adapted to the circumstances of each school and the different ages in which they are carried out.

Orienteering for people with reduced mobility. This modality is not yet widespread, not even introduced in Spain. Some pilot test has been done at national level, but it is still pending to do it in Andalusia.It is a Modality focused on the reading of the map and interpretation of the terrain. It has been developed to offer everyone, including people with mobility limitations, an opportunity to participate in Nature Orienteering activities.