A bit of history: the beginnings of Orienteering in Spain


A bit of history: the beginnings of Orienteering in Spain

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Orienteering wasn´t born  in Spain as a sport, the truth is that it was introduced through the armed forces, around the year 1960 and it was not until 1971 that a fencing professor from Madrid, Martín Harald Kronlund, decided to include Orientation contents trying to refresh the classes and to teach something new to his students,  all this looking for a recreational way to work the physical preparation.

The first practices were done with topographic maps 1:50 000, but seeing the good reception and the utility that represented both, contents and activities, the I.N.E.F commissioned the realization of the first Orienteering map of Spain: one of the Casa de Campo in Madrid, with a scale of 1:20 000.

Contents and practices of this new activities were expanded throughout the country and by 1979 the Association of Orienteering friends was created, consolidating the practice of Orienteering as a sport. Finally, in 1988 ADYRON club organized the first Martin Kronlund International Orienteering Trophy in Spain, increasing the organization of international events in the country thereafter.

The only thing that was missing was the creation of the organism that would watch over the boom of Orienteering in Spain and that would be responsible for organizing the National League and the Spanish Championship, as well as running the National School of Coaches. This happened on May 10, 1993, date of legalization by C.S.D. of the Spanish Association of Guidance Clubs (A.E.C.O.), one year after the proposal exposure.

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