Training in Hoyo de Pinares

Dear friends!
The days october 3 and 4 Maximus Orienteering Club is going to hold a free training with Sportident in the maps of Hoyo de Pinares (Avila, Spain). There will be five different routes: yellow, orange, red, black and multitechnical, depending on the difficulty; the same routes are going to be available on both days and they can work as preparation for the CEO of Extremadura. Distances are going to be medium.

Registration can be made via orienteeringonline until 23:59 of september 30.

We do not provide any kind of insurance nor provisioning for the participants.

You can read the details in Boletín 3-4 octubre 2020 Hoyo-de Pinares (only spanish version, sorry).

¡Gracias a todos!

Last news!

We are happy to tell that everything is prepared for the competitions. The FINAL Bulletin and start times are already available here.

Coming soon! Maximus-O-Meeting!

Welcome to our competitions 14-17.02.2019!

Enjoy exellent terrain!

Training camp is available. Don’t miss out! Flags are already  in the forest!

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